Front Cover Reveal!

A wounded warrior.

An abandoned countess.

Resentment and festering feelings covered by the politeness and social niceties of an arranged marriage.

Robert, Eighth Earl of Aberleigh and Georgiana, Lady Aberleigh had been married for six years before he returned, grievously injured, from Waterloo. Will the combined efforts of his family, their staff, and the village rector help him to find peace in the estate he reluctantly inherited? Will the duties of Aberleigh Abbey come to be as important to him as fighting for the king?

Will his countess forgive him if and when they do? 

In the Name of Duty has been a very long time coming, but it is scheduled to be released on Kindle on June 1st. Pre-order information will be forthcoming.

Arranged marriage? After a fashion. A child? Yep, one of those, too. (See the cover?) Horses? You bet! There are also gossipy servants, opinionated family members, and some very real issues to work through.

Published by Sandi

Wife, mom, writer, Christian. Mondays are my favorite days, coffee is my favorite beverage, and reading is my favorite thing to do. #AutismMom

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