Comics? What?

If you’ve known me for, oh, years, you might have heard about an indie comic I have been involved with. It’s not published yet, but like a lot of projects in the creative indie community, it’s been percolating.

Hotspur: Hand of Fire by Rampant Comics is the name of the project and the creator is Robb Roy. He and his family live hundreds of miles from me and mine, but we are grateful for the internet to assist communication.

Hotspur is a Watchman—a division of the local law enforcement—belonging to more than one culture. Part of this mythic, elfpunk adventure will feature him trying to come to terms with who he truly is. I made a word cloud with some key terms and names:

And what kind of story would I write without a romance? Molly Callaghan is a brilliant introvert who often wears chain mail, even while she’s engaging in arcane research projects. She and Hotspur are SO cute!

See the art? The man with the dark hair and flashlight is Jude Callaghan, and he is also a Watchman in Metro One, which is one of the settings of this retro/futuristic/faery story.

The smaller lad is a sticker of Wee Hotspur. The hero in our story is Cameron Gordon, aka Hotspur, and this is an idea of him as a little ‘un.

Hotspur’s concept is Robb Roy’s, and I have had the great experience to write the story per his parameters. In the coming weeks and months, I’ll be sharing some “behind the scenes” bits of the story I drafted along with how the comic art was drafted as a result.

Edited to add a special look at a page-in-progress!

This is the first page—part of the prologue—in the first issue of Hotspur: Hand of Fire. You can see humans, a fairy (he’s QUITE the character, I assure you!) and even…a villain!

You can find Robb Roy at his Ko-fi (pronounced koh-fee) page and on Twitter.

And…for the record, I am just about finished editing my next book, In the Name of Duty, which should be out in June!

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