New Release

What’s new in my writing world? I’ve got that new book dropping on June 1, 2023:

In the Name of Duty.

I’ve been including sneak peeks from this clean Regency Romance in prior posts, and here is the final one.

The Kindle version will be available on Kindle Unlimited. There is a paperback version, as well, that might even be available SOONER.

But right now, you can PRE-ORDER a copy of this book for $4.99 (US) from Amazon. It will then slide nicely into your designated reader that morning. Pretty nifty.

Or, as Lady Aberleigh might say, “That is quite satisfactory, thank you.”

Published by Sandi

Wife, mom, writer, Christian. Mondays are my favorite days, coffee is my favorite beverage, and reading is my favorite thing to do. #AutismMom

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