Yesterday was a day similar to other days that reminded me why I don’t do #NaNoWriMo officially. This time of year, less than a week until Thanksgiving with family holidays and such hard on that day’s heels, there’s a lot to do and coordinate with . . . gasp! . . . other people.

I’ve never been good at group projects. Even when I love every single person in the group!

Productivity totally happened, yesterday. I finished tasks, handled gifting things, managed the household, etc. etc., but only typed 206 new words. I also . . . wince . . . edited. Every year during NaNo, I remind my friends involved with it to avoid editing this month.

Now, I felt a bit bad about not heeding my own advice, but . . . sometimes, we don’t heed advice we have given to others, right? It can’t just be me! 😉

In my defense, I had not planned on editing. I was reading over a chapter because I had forgotten what I had written about a certain event in the story. (This is not uncommon, forgetting what one wrote days before, I promise. lol) Being ME, of course, I could not leave the chapter as it was and wound up smoothing things, tweaking things, and leaving it marginally better than it had been.

So I am not sorry I did that. You might be sorry you had to read about it, though, so I here leave you a glimpse of some of what made its way to my chapter yesterday.

He watched her as she thought about it, slowly eating his eggs and bacon. The sunlight glanced off her hair, leaving him with the impression of colorful autumn leaves in their best looks. Beauty and compassion were two words he could think of to describe her, if he were asked.  Years ago, he had been. 

If you have had a less-than-satisfactory writing day this month, for whatever reason, allow yourself some slack. Writing is, for many, a job. But it’s one that can be quite entertaining!

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Wife, mom, writer, Christian. Mondays are my favorite days, coffee is my favorite beverage, and reading is my favorite thing to do. #AutismMom

2 thoughts on “Productivity…?

  1. We’re humans after all, and there are high days and low days. But I for one find that trying to maintain something (a word count, for example) despite the ups and downs is where the fun’s at. Still, we should also remember to be kind to ourselves. Anyway, thanks for this post!


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