Making progress!

I have made it my goal to write “1K a Day!” during NaNo this year, as I said before. I’ve written two chapters just in these November days and am working on a third.

I thought I’d share a favorite line from this DRAFT of the chapter I’m writing:

Robert bowed his head and murmured, “You do not need to have a specific reason to speak to me, my lady. I . . . welcome our conversations.”

Context will have to wait! 😉


Sometimes, I have an idea for a line I want a character to say and I maneuver the characters into position, set the scene, create the mood and bring forth The Line with aplomb. And it can flop like a dying fish on the page.

Other times, I have no plan, am just getting people to where I want them and keeping their relationship progressing and a line just happens. Oddly, I tend to have more success with these serendipitous bits.

At least, that’s what I have heard from readers, over the years.

If you have a favorite line from any book you’ve ever read anywhere, please share it if you’d like! I do enjoy experiencing such things.

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