Basically Hers

He’s in the for the chase of his life…

Joshua Rhodes, bass guitarist, was hooked from the moment he saw her at the airport. He thought the feeling was mutual…until she got on a plane and flew away.

She doesn’t intend to get caught…

Elizabeth Bennet, screenwriter, understood the chemistry and enjoyed the flirting, but she was not interested in a relationship. Joshua didn’t give up and he didn’t push…until she went to him. Which was the only way she would accept.

Between heartfelt emails and playful texts—as well as challenging each other to stretch in their different creative modes—Elizabeth comes to realize that Joshua has been basically hers since Christmas. Just as she’s been basically his.

Published by Sandi

Wife, mom, writer, Christian. Mondays are my favorite days, coffee is my favorite beverage, and reading is my favorite thing to do. #AutismMom

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