Happy New Year!

I don’t do serious New Year’s Resolutions. Instead, taking the example of a pastor of mine eons ago, I resolve NOT to do something. Once again, I herein resolve to avoid skydiving. I have my limits!

And focus words? I don’t focus so well on a concept like that, even when I’m trying. I know folks that are outstanding and productive with such foci, but I have a contrary and rebellious nature. Digging in my heels just on principle is my default position on both advantageous resolutions and focus/theme words.

Instead, I tend to look at the year as a planner. An empty one.

Last year, I was rather quiet on the creative front, I admit. I had a rather vivid dream that seemed to indicate I needed to change focus (there’s that word again!) regarding my writing projects. Contrary person that I am—I nodded, but said, “I gotta finish this thing first!”

“This thing” is that book I started twenty-five years ago. It’s done. Again. And will be published hopefully before spring of this very year. I say hopefully because I am revising, then will send it to my beta-reader, then tweak it, then send it to my editor, then give it a final polish and then…ta-da!

But, I DO have a cover for the book, which I will reveal as I get closer to publishing IN THE NAME OF DUTY. It’s a Regency romance. There are animals. There are children. There is dancing. There will be more I can share for this story . . . probably next month. 😉

I am also working on two other projects, but neither of them are romances! I’ll be posting one of them in here as I start writing it. It’s not even fiction, so . . . stay tuned.

Holy Bible opened with glasses on a keyboard

Other notes in the planner include a character study, a Bible series of some sort, and hopefully a short story in time for the next holiday season.

The planner also has spaces for life as I live it, which means being the mom of an adult on the Autism Spectrum who requires structure and things to do. A great portion of my days are spent therein, I assure you. I rely on my planners (I have one in an actual hardback planner on my desk and another in a calendar on my laptop!) to keep things moving. There’s the writers’ roundtable group I am a member of which is active and interesting. I have some travel on the docket for 2023. And of course, I have books to read!

Doesn’t everyone? 😉

If YOU have a resolution (to do or not to do, as is your custom) please feel free to share it. Do you do yearly focus words or themes? How do you motivate yourself with them?

Inquiring authors want to know!

However you approach 2023, I hope it’s a year filled with forward-facing steps, heart warming moments, and the hope of beautiful tomorrows.

Published by Sandi

Wife, mom, writer, Christian. Mondays are my favorite days, coffee is my favorite beverage, and reading is my favorite thing to do. #AutismMom

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